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Vortex Flow Inc. is dedicated to innovating products that protect the public and environment from wastewater odor, and stop the corrosion of interceptor systems.

We are the inventors of the acclaimed Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly for drop structures. Winner of the 1999 American Public Works Association Technical Innovation Award, our patented* Vortex Flow method utilizes the flow energy of wastewater to prevent odor emission, put out turbulence, aerate, and oxidize dissolved hydrogen sulfides (H2S).

The Vortex Flow method has been proven to be effective and economical. Since 1998, drop structures employing the Vortex Flow method have eliminated public odor complaints and saved thousands of dollars of monthly chemical feed and air phase treatment. Furthermore, continuously-operating structures have required no maintenance.

The Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly is designed to simplify implementation of the Vortex Flow method into new and existing sewer drops. The low-cost, pre-fabricated assembly controls odor emissions, improves wastewater quality, and substantially reduces abrasive wear of the structure.

Explore our Web site and contact us for information on how our Vortex Flow method can benefit your community and infrastructure.



* The Vortex Flow method and the Vortex Flow InsertTM Assembly are protected by United
States Patents 6,419,843 and RE40,407.

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