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Downloads and Publications
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Aeration Performance of Vortex Flow Insert Assemblies in Sewer Drop Structures
WEF Odors and Air Emissions 2008 Conference Proceedings, Session 11
Visit WEF 2008 Odors and Air Emissions Proceedings page for instructions on obtaining this publication

Vortex Insert Assembly Controls Odor and Corrosion in Sewer Drops, WEF Odors and Toxic Air Emissions 2002 Conference
VIA_Paper.doc (869 kB)

Odor and Corrosion Control: Insert Assembly Improves Sewer Drops, published in Water Engineering and Management Magazine, June, 2001 Insert 6_01.pdf

WEFTEC 2000 Paper
Weftec2000_paper.pdf (1.8 MB)

Movie clip of working hydraulic model
Modelmovie.mpg (1.3 MB)