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Dramatically reduces or eliminates odorous gas emission

The Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly in a drop structure naturally operates with a slight negative pressure so that air is actually drawn in with the liquid.

Reduces or eliminates corrosion of structure

The air drawn in with the liquid effectively neutralizes corrosive agents.

Aerates wastewater flow

The Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly creates air-flow mixing and intensifies oxidizing reactions.

Thoroughly oxidizes dissolved sulfides

The flow charateristics created by the Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly initiate chemical oxidation processes and maintains conditions for practically complete elimination of sulfides.

Reduces or eliminates the need for air treatment around the drop

The Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly draws in air from the atmosphere above the drop, thereby preventing odorous emission. There is often no need for air treatment of the area surrounding the drop.

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No structure abrasive wear

The falling liquid has no contact with the structure wall. Instead, the liquid spirals down the inner wall of the inserted Vortex Shaft.

No maintenance needed:

The Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly has no moving parts. In fact, it consists of only one assembly. The Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly in a drop structure naturally operates with a self-cleaning action. Continuously operating Vortex Flow InsertTM devices have been maintenance-free since their initial installation in1998.

Reliable function independent of flow fluctuations

Regardless of the incoming flow rate entering the Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly, all desired effects will remain consistent. A special top cut at the entry to the Vortex Shaft facilitates proper vortex flow formation at any flow depth.

Easy installation

Lower a pre-fabricated, one-piece Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly into new or existing drop structure. "Close the lid, and forget about it!" In some cases, installation for rehabilitation can be accomplished without flow bypassing.

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Low cost

The Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly is simple and inexpensive. Also, significant savings will be realized in chemical feed, air treatment, and maintenance. For existing implementations, capital investment was recuperated in several months.

Reduces wastewater treatment costs

A Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly in a drop structure located immediately upstream of a Wastewater Treatment Plant will improve the characteristics of the incoming sewage, saving chemical and aeration costs of the treatment process.

Reduces excavation costs for interceptors

Instead of burying interceptors deeply beneath sloped terrain, the Vortex Flow InsertTM assembly in a drop structure may be used to facilitate steps for shallow gravity pipeline burial.

Engineering support

Vortex Flow Inc. can provide consulting service for every order to ensure proper implementation.











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